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Chemical Engineer Job Description

chemical-test-tubesA rigorous focus on chemistry, physics and applied mathematics is crucial to obtaining employment in chemical engineering. Along with education, internships prepare a chemical engineer for two prominent job tasks: product synthesis and plant design. Chemical Engineers have a healthy job outlook and are considered well paid on average compared to similar jobs.

Product synthesis begins with chemical research. A hypothesis, formulation and experiment may lead to a product that has the potential to be more profitable. Meticulous testing is required to understand how this synthesized product behaves. Physical and chemical properties need to be understood so that the product can be properly used without unnecessary risk to people, property or the environment. A chemical engineer also needs to examine and test product synthesis reliability. Working with chemists to develop a more efficient, simpler or safer synthesis method is important in reducing production costs.

Chemical synthesis often entails competing reactions that give undesirable products. These products can interfere with the primary substance of interest. Contamination and possible safety hazards from unanticipated side-reactions need to be carefully researched on a small scale. Even trace reactions usually need to be considered. Equipment wear-and-tear will accelerate due to unanticipated corrosive trace products.

Day to Day Tasks

Aside from reactant costs, chemical engineers need to consider costs of process recycling systems, temperature control, safety, disposal and likely maintenance. These variables, combined with likely profits from a given product, are used to determine overall process efficiency. Note that cost-effectiveness must take into account regulatory requirements, safety, backup systems and ease of maintenance. A process with excellent reaction efficiency may still fail due to high risk to personnel, environmental contamination and/or maintenance difficulty.

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Probation Officer Job Description

capitol buildingIf you want to know how to become a probation officer, then you will find the information here helpful in steering you in the right direction. Every county in the state operates and maintains its own probation department. Although the aspects of employment procedures may be different from county to county, each department conducts their own interview process to hire potential probation officers. Probation officer candidates who have specialized training, and or a criminal justice education, stand a better chance of being hired.

How to become a Probation Officer

Thefirst step to beginning a career as a probation officer is to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Although any degree field is acceptable, individuals who possess a degree in social work, psychology or criminal justice are more likely to be considered for employment. When interviewing for the position of probation officer, tell the interviewer that you are willing to volunteer your time to learn about the job before being hired. Making this offer will definitely impress upon the interviewer your sincerest desire to become a probation officer and could help you to ultimately get the job.

Work experience in related occupations can definitely help aspiring probation officers land a job with the state. To help you get similar experience in related occupations, volunteering or working in the state’s corrections department for six month to a year can help an applicant to stand out from amongst the other probation officer candidates. Because each county has its own hiring procedures, applicants need to decide which county probation department they wish to seek employment at, and then follow the instructions carefully.

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Personal Trainer Job Description

An individual who enjoys exercise and sport activities may want to work as a personal trainer. Personal trainers assist clients achieve fitness goals such as losing weight, strengthening muscles or improving flexibility. A client will receive individualized attention from a personal trainer at a private residence, in a gym or at a fitness center. Many personal trainers specialize in particular fitness routines such as aerobics, weight lifting or yoga. Unfortunately, a beginning personal trainer frequently only works part-time for a low salary. However, with experience and determination individuals in this occupation can find private clients to earn a higher yearly salary.

personal trainer on the job

Educational Requirements

Each geographic region may specify educational requirements for the occupation of personal training. Many countries require an individual working in the career field of personal training to have certification or licensing. The typical minimum educational standard for working in this profession requires that an individual have a high school diploma. Clients and fitness facilities will want to hire an employee who understands the fundamentals of exercising and sports. In addition, an employer such as a gym or exercise studio will require an employee to know emergency first aid procedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Welder Job Description

At a very basic level, a welder’s job description involves fusing together metal pieces to create a single piece of material. Welders also build and repair different materials made out of metal. Working with metal is a specific skill set, and welders combine artistry with knowledge of hard science to make many of the items that are essential to everyday life. It is estimated that over 50 percent of the US gross domestic product is produced through welding or aided by welding during production.

Educational Requirements

Welding does not require an advanced degree. Welders can learn their trade through classes, or apprentice with an experienced welder. Many vocational and technical schools offer certificate programs in welding, and sometimes high schools will provide programs for students to become certified welders. Welding can also be learned on the job. Apprentice welders should have the ability to follow instructions and perform basic calculations. However, most people become competent welders through hands-on practice. While certificates are an excellent option for individuals interested in pursuing a career in welding, patient employers may be willing to let novice welders learn on the job.

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CNA Job Description

The Ins-and-Outs of Being a CNA – (Certified Nursing Assistant)

A CNA job description involves a wide range of duties. The exact tasks performed are determined by the setting in which the person is working. A CNA is usually required to take patients’ vital signs, but other than that, the duties performed in most cases need to be observed by a licensed medical professional. In some circumstances, a CNA is allowed to feed patients and perform certain patient hygiene-related duties. There are some instances in home healthcare settings that a CNA will be able to administer medications.

CNA Educational Requirements

The exact requirements that have to be met to become a CNA are determined by the location in which a person wants to work. For the most part, however, completing a CNA program through an accredited institution and passing a state administered licensing exam are the minimum requirements. Before taking the licensing exam, some states will require CNA students to complete a minimum number of work experience-hours.

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Store Manager Job Description

The duties performed by store managers will of course be determined by the type of store being managed. For example, a pharmacy store will involve many different management duties than those found in a clothing store. Generally, however, management duties will include performing payroll tasks, managing worker schedules, hiring and firing employees, delegating tasks, communicating with vendors and much more. The overall goal of a store manager is to ensure both the safety and satisfaction of workers and customers.

Educational Requirements

To become a store manager, a person does not necessarily need a formal degree from an accredited institution. Instead, a high school diploma will suffice. There are even some store settings that may not require a high school diploma. For businesses that are privately owned, the exact requirements that have to be met to become a store manager will be determined by the store owner. On the other hand, however, possessing some type of formal degree in business administration will extremely help a person secure employment as a store manager.

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Medical Assistant Job Description

The main responsibility of a medical assistant is to take information from patients that will be helpful to the physician. A medical assistant also answers (or find answers to) any questions a patient has. A person in this occupation should be organized, knowledgeable, efficient, and compassionate. This growing field has an increasing amount of job security and can be both personally and professionally rewarding work. Full job description for Medical Assistant’s below.

Educational Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are no formal education requirements necessary to become a medical assistant. However, a person does need to have a high school diploma. There are courses a person can take to garner some of the basic skills of a medical assistant as opposed to just learning them on the job. These can be taken either online or at a local community college.

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